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“Before this experience I was nervous, my often lost timid nature was overshadowing the confidence I had grown over the last few years of my life. I struggled to conceptualize my own sexuality, body image and general attitude of who I thought I was. To fully understand oneself is not a feat I have completely conquered yet. Nevertheless, I believed in Jenn’s convictions and her fearlessness in being more forthcoming with the things I have often felt insecure or ashamed about; I knew I had to push myself. 

By the day of the fitting I knew that I wanted my harness to embody the assertiveness of my personality and the masculinity I felt but often let lay dormant. The desire to have a tie be the main focus of Jenn’s work embodied these elements I wished to convey more proudly, in her work and on my own. When I was fitted and she skillfully built my harness on my body I could see our separate but yet shared visions coming together, and I began to feel more at ease. 

The night before the shoot I laid sleepless on a friends couch, thinking of how I was going to present myself and how that would represent my character. Like music from another room, the person who I am floated in the air and I recognized her. 

Every moment of my life I have wished to play a part, to put on the garb and become a character. I am theatrical, serious, playful, haunted, nostalgic, conscience-stricken, driven and joyful. As I slept I dreams of the performers I have been lucky enough to bare witness to, and their full commitment to becoming another. I would in turn become more of myself without fear of judgment, that is the woman you see here today."



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